Making Strides in Tallinn

In a crazy political time, it’s refreshing to see some progress of anything positive getting done by the political higher ups – whether or not if they have political appointments. In this case, it was making strides in Tallinn.

I thought it timely to read that 2nd Lady Karen Pense is traveling throughout Eastern Europe and Tallinn, where I just was, to learn about and bring attention to art therapy.

Art Therapy is a relatively new field in this area of the world and they are starting to see the benefits for participants as well as those involved as therapists.

There was no way for me to notice this at the time in Tallinn, although I was told that Estonia is known for its high-tech innovation. It’s where Skype was created.

What I noticed was a town with medieval roots, as seen in the bucolic cobblestone streets of its Old Town at the top of the hill.

1_Old Town Tallinn_AIE

Old Town of Tallinn

2_Tallinn Medieval Fortress_AIE

Medieval Fortress

3_Tallinn_Monk guards_AIE


Tallinn Church

5_Tallinn_Steepest street_AIE

One of the steepest streets

5_Tallinn_Steepest street_AIE

Tallinn Market

7_Tallinn_Old Town Walking_AIE

8_Tallinn_Dragon spout_AIE

Dragon downspouts

However, down below in the main part of the business district and on the outskirts of town, there was a time warp with areas stuck in post Soviet style mixed with modern architecture.

9_Tallinn_Old-New Town_AIE

Mix of old and new parts of town

The Soviet Flashback was the most interesting tour we took. It was given by an innovative entrepreneur who had the last remaining Soviet bus. This is where our tour started with the guys pushing it to get it started and then vodka shots. His performance, while dressed in a Soviet guard uniform, was a parody of what life was like under Soviet regime controlling Estonia. It was not a happy time and it’s still raw for people here to remember that many family members and friends were sent to prison for simply flying an Estonian flag.

12_Talllinn_Soviet Bus_AIE

Soviet Bus

13_Tallinn_Soviet Flashback Bus Tour_AIE

Soviet Flashback tour guide

14_Tallinn_Soviet Flashback Tour Guide_AIE

Our guide in front of the last remaining Soviet monument


Tallinn Prison

Unwelcoming concrete barriers exit along the shoreline. These are coincidentally pictured in front of the Walt Disney Cruise ship. Graffiti from earlier days and the revolution decorate some outskirt streets. Our guide was one of the revolutionaries who stood up to the Russians in a peaceful demonstration that called attention to their plight and eventually ended Russia’s control.

Concrete barriers welcome the Walt Disney cruise ship on AIE

Concrete barriers welcome the Walt Disney cruise ship

Graffiti in Tallinn on Art Is Everywhere

Graffiti in Tallinn

The Freedom Cross was a striking picture as we turned the corner going out of town and back to our ship. Tallinn is a place I’d like to return.

Freedom Cross in Tallinn on AIE

Freedom Cross in Tallinn



Healing through Art

Just a reminder that the health and healing can come from the power of art.

healing-painting on Art Is Everywhere

via US News

You can read the informative article The Power of Creative Arts in Health and Healing by Ronit Fallek by clicking the link.

Keeping this in mind, The blog will be taking a sick-leave break until October while I recover from a bad sinus / ear infection / chest cold and hope it doesn’t progress into bronchitis, the usual next phase for me. I haven’t been ill in long time but I’ve already bounced back faster this time by not taking antibiotics while building up my own immunity.

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