Plume, A Feather in Our Cap

Plume is where we decided to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary (that is until we can have a bigger celebration that we have not had time to plan).

It is an exquisite dining room with extraordinary food — voted one of the best restaurants in DC.

Plume Restaurant, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Plume Restaurant

We voted to go on a midweek night so it wouldn’t be crowded. Well, it couldn’t have been crowded because little did we know how difficult it would be to get there. The entire street had been blocked off due to “government officials dining at the restaurant.” Code for POTUS and in this case, along with the entire democratic leadership, who decided to have a pow wow on our big night. At least after we finally got around the block (30+ min in rush hour traffic), and our car was overheating, and we finally found a place to park, the secret service guys were expecting us on their list.

Jefferson Hotel, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Once that drama was behind us, as were “the officials” dining behind the black curtain when we first walked in, we could relax and enjoy the evening. We were first seated at this nice table next to the hand-painted grisaille, wallpaper mural of scenes from Monticello. I should have asked who manufactured it and if it was custom. I can only imagine it was since this would be most fitting for the Jefferson Hotel, where Plume is located.

Plume Restaurant mural, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Note the way to get dimension is by layering light over darker painted rendition of shrubbery, which I might add had little detail but a lot of depth.

Plume Restaurant mural, as seen on ArtPlume Restaurant detail grisaille mural, as seen on Art Is Everywhere Is Everywhere

grisaille detail – how to get dimension with light and shadow

We spied a cozier spot that was more appropriate for the celebration. Our waiter, Paul, and wait staff were kind enough to relocate us.

Our romantic book nook at Plume, seen on Art Is Eveyrwhere

Our romantic book nook

The food was delicious. Peter had fois gras to start with Martin’s aged beef (because, coincidentally, he had met Mr. Martin in our local Butcher Block). We always compare who has the better meal and I won out this time with crab emulsion risotto and duck with apple chutney and curry sauces. We didn’t get the tasting menu but we had wines paired with our courses, which was the best idea. Perfect since I gave Peter a book on wines so we’ll know more about what we’re drinking as we travel the world during the next 25 years.

Plume dining as seen on Art Is Everywhere

So maybe if we have that party, we can eat in their special wine room for parties of 20 or more. It reminded me of the 21 Club in New York. However, I’m still fixated on this location (at end of post).

Plume Wine Cellar Restaurant, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Wine Cellar Dining

The pressure has past and we have a lot more time now to look into it. It’s nice to know that we can put a Plume/feather in our cap for making it to 25 years and continuing.

Artichoke Arrangement

Some things only appear to be coincidental when, I believe, they are not. It’s been a year since my good friend’s husband, Nathaniel, has passed away. This happens to be on my mother’s birthday. She happened to write a wonderful blog post on Artichokes last Friday on our Slipcovers for Your Walls blog. Artichokes happened to be some of Nathaniel’s favorite foods. We commented at a dinner once that we both liked them when others did not. I’ve always liked the way they looked so I painted one for a casart covering. I decided to prepare an artful arrangement of artichokes for Liza and her four kids. Unlike traditional flowers, they could actually eat these. I happened to include my mother’s blog post, which just happened to have the recipe for cooking artichokes. Liza is a great cook and certainly didn’t need this but I thought the timeliness of this was too uncanny. She did cook them and she invited us over for dinner, then we used the flowers to place on Nathaniel’s grave.

Artichoke Arrangement. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

Oh, the artichoke flower happens to represent the blossoming of love.