Feeling Philosophical @ Business

Here are some valuable links to somewhat philosophical takes on the creative process of art business. Learning from these sights can save you a lot of time and money when you’re launching a new business in any field.

1) The method of graphic metaphor as branding:


2) Questions to ask about your audience and creating an audience:


3) Networking on Facebook:


–I’ve learned this from my sister and business partner, Lindsey, who manages our open-group Facebook page for casart coverings. It is extremely helpful to use this platform to network with others to get your message out and in the process gain free exposure. Plus, it’s way more effective than other costly methods such as advertising or PR.

4) A Business Plan for Right-brainers. I like Jennifer Lee’s Life Unfolds blog for balancing art & business:


–Your business plan doesn’t have to be as creative as this. Mine certainly isn’t but thinking creatively will help you along in the right direction. Although wearing a “business plan bracelet,” will definitely help to keep your goals forefront in your memory.  It’s all about getting out of the box of straight and narrow thinking and going with your gut on what feels right. When you make mistakes, as we all do, then reflect, reorganize and learn from them — don’t repeat them — and move on and do better next time.

6) Here’s a useful exercise for students (of any age really) to help them script their Artist’s Statement:


–Often times artists know what their work means to them but find it difficult to express to others. This is similar to artists who are so incredibly talented but cannot teach. Putting the esoteric meaning of their artwork into words or thinking the process through, substantiates the value of the work and communicates the artistic message effectively — the way the artist wants it to be viewed. This gives the artist control over the message and the viewer guidance for how the artwork is meant to be portrayed.

7) If you’re having a brainstorm or a stumbling block, it might be helpful to have these methods of useful “jot art” always around, from NY’s School of Visual Arts:


Jot Art. Photo compilation via Media Life Magazine

Speaking of not forgetting…It’s TEA day! Taxed-Enough-Already Tax day. You’ve got until midnight and good luck.

Finally, since April starts the rainy season, what better way than acknowledging it with “umbrella art.” See many more fabulously artistic examples on The Crooked Brains blog. I’ve seen so many wonderful things on this blog that they are now on my blogroll. Here are the two posts where I mentioned them previously (1) and (2):

Umbrella Art in Mumbai Market from Mumbai Daily Photo via Crooked Brains

No matter where you are, these just make you feel happy. Even the shadows they cast are interesting:

Luke\'s Photo of Umbrellas between two buildings