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Help pick your favorites for a new design on the Slipcovers for your Walls blog of a new Flower Power / Wall of flowers for Casart coverings:



Flower Power sample for Casart coverings

Mother’s Day Tribute

It was a working weekend for me and my husband so I didn't get to spend Mother's Day as I would like, plus it's a bittersweet celebration for me for me to remember from 2 years past — just seems like yesterday. Although, I did get to paint a painting in tribute to my mother. It is after one of the camellias in her New Orleans garden. I think it's name is Cherries Jubilee — how appropriately Southern. She's off traveling in Tunisia and fortunately she was able to see this before leaving. As we have it up now on the Casart coverings site as one of many new Botanical designs that we will be unveiling over the next weeks.



More can be found about camellias on the American Camellia Association's website.

Cherries Jubiliee via American Camellia Society

While I'm thinking of gardens, here's a delightful post on DC by Design regarding the Georgetown Garden Tour. I just loved that Georgian style gazebo at Evermay Estate. It's up for sale for only 29.5 million dollars!

Evermay-Georgian-Temple-001. Photo by Stu Estler, courtesy DC by Design blog

Meanwhile, in my peasant garden my peonies are popping and are just glorious. They are the most abundant and fragrant this year. I love it when flowers that I've planted bloom without me doing a thing. A maintenance free garden is blessing.



Here's my take on a simplified peony for Casart coverings. Clicking on the peony below will take you to the casartblog post regarding ways to use flowers in design.



My neighbor gave me this rose after Dante died and it blooms more beautifully each year.