Cherry Blossoms have Blossomed

Lately The Washington Post has been featuring artistic photography. This one of the Cherry Blossoms is inspirational.

Cherry Blossoms via Washington Post on Art Is Everywwher

It’s really hard to take a photo that you haven’t seen before of such a popular event as the Cherry Blossoms blooming around the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC. Like Mardi Gras, it’s a time when I don’t visit this local festival often but have in the past. This photo was unusual and almost looked surreal with it’s unique depiction of the event and at night. Evidently I wasn’t the only one to think so…

Cherry Blossoms via the Washington Post on Art Is Everywhere

Response to the above photo

The Post has had some inspirational photos lately, like these as well. They were taken when we were supposed to get a heavy snowfall when instead, we got rain. Good thing, I wasn’t ready for snow even though we didn’t have a lot of it. It’s just that it’s April and spring is supposed to be here.

Washington Post photo via Art Is Everywhere

Washington Post photo via Art Is Everywhere

As seen through a car window

On a completely other note. This is a few days after my 25th wedding anniversary (forgot to post earlier). Eventually, we’ll celebrate it the right way — with more fanfare and inviting family and friends to join in the celebration!! In the meantime, with recent events in Boston, it’s time to cherish the ones we love.




We took a trek to Charlottesville, VA to visit our son Piers, who as president of his fraternity at UVA and was hosting parents during an Open House. We arrived just in time to hear him give his speech. He did a great job with a commanding performance. I was very proud of him for what he has already accomplished. I’m starting to see him as the adult he is and it’s a fulfilling moment in a parent’s life. It brings a whole other dynamic to the relationship.

We were able to spend a lot of time with him for late lunch before dinner at the popular Downtown Grille restaurant, where we had eaten before — good, although overpriced for the quality. We had great conversations and really appreciated him taking so much time out of his day that he could have easily spent with his friends doing other activities or getting pressing engineering homework out of the way.

We toured the Downtown Mall and ran across the talented artist Sam Welty, who had just completed his portrait of Lilly on the chalk “wall” that encourages public scribblings. His stood out and we asked if we could take his picture with his subject.

Sam Welty\'s Lily Portrait. Photo by Piers Spencer. ArtisEverywhere blog

Sam Welty with Lily & his chalk portrait. Photo by Piers Spencer

This Golden Blue marlin is only some of Sam’s other mural work, but since it’s on his card and I like fish, here it is. Be sure to check out his website and see his patriotic mural, Celebration of America’s Heroes, that he painted on a 60 x 180 foot wall in Virginia Beach as a tribute to America’s military after 9/11.

golden-blue-marlin-painted-by-sam-welty. ArtIsEverywhere blog

There are a lot of artistic things to see at the pedestrian mall like statuettes, musicians playing music and this colorful and functional mosaic chair.

Musician plays in Charlottesville. Photo by Ashley Spencer. ArtIsEverywhere

Mosaic Chair in Charlottesville. Photo by Peter Spencer. ArtisEverywhere

Mosaic Chair in Charlottesville. Photo by Piers Spencer. ArtisEverywhere

Ending the week with a political bent, hopefully not a tirade, here’s a powerful music video by Cam Edwards set to the song I’ve got Reps Who Don’t Represent Me. This is a great cover of the Killers All the Things That I’ve Done. This is a good way to release some of the anger over the past week and Kick-Start your weekend.

On another note, today is Good Friday, a somber and reflective day for Easter to come. Here are my Cherry Blossom Flowers for this anniversary. As I look up to see the heavenly blue sky in the background….Here’s to you!

Cherry Blossom Details. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer. Art Is Everywhere

Cherry Blossoms. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer. Art Is Everywhere

Another bright spot that I forgot to mention is that my nephew, John, was born on this same day.

Coincidentally, I just posted on Cherry Blossoms and Inspirational Florals on the casartblog.

Happy Easter!