Costumes and Murals (without Political Commentary)

Actually, I’m not interested in the political commentary associated with these murals, only the murals themselves. I came upon them quite by accident — when I was searching for this picture below in the Washington Post of the ballerinas’ costumes — and the online version of the front page featured these murals. Look how they help to enliven this run down area of Steubenville, Ohio and no one would necessarily expect to find them there. I really like this panoramic feature for viewing them as well, especially mute — with no political commentary.

It was these NYC Ballet costumes, however, that caught my attention. I really like how the complementary colors of ethereal blue and flesh-tone/orange appear to meld into one another with a type of diaphanous irradiance — almost dreamy.

Ballet Costumes in the Washington Post

I am reminded of Modern Masters iridescent, flash-blue paint that I would love to colorwash on walls someday. It changes color as one moves around the room — appearing metallic blue one moment and pearlized amber/white the next — all depending on how the light is reflected. It’s a paint with dual personality.

Modern Masters Flash-blue paint

More about this can be downloaded from my August 2008 Casart eNewsletter (p. 3), and seen on the Modern Masters website.