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This past electronic art exhibit (below), in its ability to demonstrate the ocean bed through electronic dots, reminds me of a beachy Slipcovers for Your Walls blog post today. This is a new blog that I’ve started for casart coverings along with the casart crew — solely related to ways to use casart™ and interior design.

Slipcovers for Your Walls casartblog header

Another introduction to make is that casart coverings is now using Twitter.

casartcrew on Twitter

ElectrElectronic Art Exhibit at Total Museum of Contemporary Art via Korea Times

Here’s another exhibit that’s worth posting, even though it’s already occurred, for the premise to promote creativity, the Creative Mind at the Savina Museum. I like the photos as well — rather out of the box, literally and this is what our casart coverings concept is too.

Creative Mind Exhibit @ Savina Museum via Korean Times

And here’s a current, very resourceful link for everything art oriented in New Orleans. I love the New Orleans Art Museum and used to attend camp there and go as many times as I could. The surrounding park is gorgeous and there are free weekly musical concerts, called “Thursdays at Twilight,” that my mother attends.

New Orleans Museum of Art


I am so pressed for time that I don’t have time to write anything for today, so I’ll post an article that Marty DeVine wrote for the Alexandria Times, regarding the Beautification Awards given by the City of Alexandria, VA this past Wednesday evening.

My neighborhood school, Jefferson Houston, where I painted a 50 foot long mural on multiple panels, received the only public school award for beautification. This is the picture that I used in my most recent Casart Fall eNewsletter, which can be downloaded here. It mentions the mural and my new business line.

jh-mural-installed. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer ©casart

Here’s the clipped article below. Please follow the link above to read the full article. I’m actually the one on the left in this photo below.

jeff-houston-article-1. Article by Marty DeVine/Alexandria Times

jeff-houston-article cont. Article by Marty DeVine/Alexandria Times

Have a great weekend! I’ll be working and helping some friends but it’s all good…