Starting out with a Good and Cheap New Year

Everyone wants to start a new year fresh.

Usually getting in shape and losing weight and eating more healthfully is the goal.

Leanne Brown’s book Good and Cheap, offers some simple advice for staying on track food wise and on a budget — just  $4 a day!

We had the Cauliflower Mac and Cheese the other evening and it was tasty.Leanne Brown Good and Cheap cookbook_AIE She started her book on Kickstarter. She’s accomplished her goal and has done it artfully. The photos are enticing and the food looks delicious and simple to make. Have fun viewing the pdf.

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You can also download from her website.




hitRECord’s Quest for Crowdsourced Art

When the internet and mobile technology took off, everyone knew that it would be changing the way we functioned in unimaginable ways. With everything now being tied into some sort of technology, old habits are being rendered obsolete. It’s changing the way we function, and it brings about opportunities for all industries, including the art industry.

One of the most amazing things about the internet and modern technology is that it allows companies to crowdsource their services. The rapid success of Kickstarter has shown that it’s possible to bring in the community to make worthwhile projects successful, and many companies have also begun looking towards crowdsourcing and affiliate marketing programs to raise awareness of their products. [I’ve written previously about a few Kickstarter projects that I’ve personally supported and have really enjoyed doing so.]

Gaming Realms is an example of a business, whose efforts use social networking to bring their brand to mobile and social platforms that have resulted in lower cost-per-acquisition rates and higher user retention rates,. They note that social gaming should become worth upwards of $4 billion by 2015.

The art industry has benefitted immensely from these developments as well. In much the same way as a museum relies on its curators to find pieces of art to display, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has launched hitRECord, a “new kind of production company” that allows users to display their art in collaboration with other artists from all over the world. But what makes this platform different from others is that it doesn’t just allow users to post their work online, but the work is also sometimes featured on Gordon-Levitt’s TV show, hitRECord on TV, which he launched earlier this year.

Hit_Record_Sundance on Art Is Everywhere

Introducing hitRECord on TV to the Sundance Festival, Gordon-Levitt talked about his dreams for hitRECord, “In our wildest dreams,” he said, “we hope that decades from now, we’ll be nurturing artists like Sundance has nurtured us,” adding that he hoped that the platform could help launch more TV shows, documentaries, features, and live events.

hitRECord TV via Rolling Stone
Although it is now wildly successful and working on its second season, hitRECord on TV remains to be a wonderful tribute to contributors – both amateur and professional – and the perfect example of how art can be found everywhere you look. The internet and modern technology have surely changed the way we function, and for many industries, they’ve brought about a new way to do business.

(This article is contributed by Jane Simon)