Celebrity Murals & Portraits

Here are a few celebrity murals that I’ve been collecting.

Artist Ed Capeau is pictured recently painting a mural of Marilyn Monroe in Freetown, MA.

Ed_Capeau_Photo by Jack Foley via Herald News, seen on Art Is Everywhere

Ed Capeau puts touch ups on his mural. Photo by Jack Foley on Herald News

Reading backwards — this is the first story that ran about this ongoing mural project:

The response was so positive that Capeau decided to paint Monroe next to Einstein. On the great thinker’s other side is a question mark — and Capeau is asking Herald News readers to choose the next star who will appear on the wall.

The candidates are Charlie Chaplin, John Lennon, Humphrey Bogart, Lucille Ball and Judy Garland. To vote on a selection, log on to heraldnews.com. Capeau has agreed to paint the selection that receives the most votes.

Ed-Capeau_Herald-News1, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Ed Capeau paints celebrity mural. Photo by Jack Foley for Herald News


Kimberly Brooks paints a series of portraits as part of her Stylist Project, as seen in this one of Rachel Zoe.

rachel_zoe_the_stylist_project_kimberly_brooks, seen on Art Is Everywhere

Rachel Zoe portrait by Kimberly Brooks on The Examiner

These are some fascinating portrait murals created by chipping the paint away, or scratching the surface of the existing paint — a reverse process of painting, by Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto.

Andre-Farto1_b on Architects-newspapers-blog, on Art Is Everywhere blog

Mural-by_Andre-Farto from Architects Newspaper blog, seen on Art Is Everywhere

I was really taken with the moment when I saw this mural and its subject, Marc Abrams, a physician who was a celebrity in his neighborhood for walking 20 -30 miles, shirtless, while often reading the paper. He was a fitness advocate but sadly was found dead in his backyard at age 58.

Sole mates. Photo by Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times / May 6, 2010, on ArtIsEverywhere

Marc Abrams walks past a subject in a mural painted in his likeness

And in light of the upcoming election, here is one of my favorite murals. This is a link to other optical illusion murals besides this one in DC, that I’ve always admired.

white123.preview on Environmental Graffiti, seen on Art Is Everywhere

Trompe l'Oeil Graffiti Mural in DC. Photo by katmere on Environmental Graffiti

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