Another Flag Mural for Freedom

Scott LoBaido, the flag mural artist, is up to it again — in a good way.

This time, his art covers a building that had been marred with graffiti.

Great timing for Memorial Day. Here’s to all our vets and those who enlist to protect our country!

graffiti-wall now with flag mural on Art is Everywhere

Wall with graffiti and after with flag mural

Scott LoBaido with flag mural on Art is Everywhere

Scott LoBaido in front of his flag mural

Scott LoBaido flag mural on Art is Everywhere

I like the way this one realistically unfurls and maintains the shimmer of satin.

Go to SiLive to read more.

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American Flag Memorial Murals

Today is Memorial Day — time to remember the fallen who sacrificed so much for our country.

Dennis McKeon asked artist Scott Lobaido to replace graffiti art in Queens with flag murals, now they don’t get tagged out of respect — brilliant, resourceful and what a tribute:


Here are a few more flag murals to enjoy before you start grilling or doing something All-American to remember the price paid to maintain our Freedom & Liberty. A couple of years ago we went to see Rolling Thunder — all the Vietnam Vets and others on their motorcycles parade over Memorial Bridge. That was quite something to see — a cultural and patriotic experience.

Brian P Rice.AmericanFlag_Pkvl

American Flag in Parkville, IL. Photo by Brian P. Rice

I like the trompe l’oeil nature of this one:


This Marquis Theater didn’t let an odd shaped wall configuration get in their way:


Here’s my previous post on Faces of the Fallen — an ongoing portrait exhibit of fallen soldiers from the Middle East wars.

Here’s something to check out that’s patriotic, Bugles Across America. They are a volunteer company that has played over 200,000 performances.