Your Chance to Snag Leonardo’s Last Painting

I’m getting this one out asap because you can now have your chance to snag Leonardo da Vinci’s last painting, Salvator Mundi, depicting a very Mona-Lisa-like-looking Jesus Christ as the savior of the world. It is an oil painted on panel that dates around 1500. Its estimated value is (in the starting) range of $100 million. Not many of us can afford this but it will most likely be the last chance to put it in private hands for anyone who can purchase. If anything the auction will be fun to watch. You can say you heard it hear before the news announces the lucky winner for probably millions of dollars.

Leonardo's Last Painting Mundi_framed_Christies auction_AIE

Here are Christie’s bullet points about this artwork in their press release:

  • Greatest Artistic Rediscovery of the 21st Century
  • One of Fewer Than 20 Paintings by the Great Master Known to Exist
  • To Be Offered in Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale
  • Originally in the Royal Collection of King Charles I
  • Public Exhibitions Planned for Hong Kong, San Francisco, London, New York

The auction is scheduled for November 15, 2017 in Rockefeller Plaza, NYC.

It’s not often that I receive several notifications that appear to be related but it’s timely when it happens. Along with the auction notice above, it is interesting to know that the number one type of art that sells online is paintings.

This refers to mostly canvas, hand-painted but also digital and photography come in at top ranking among the 3 different types of art: fine, decorative and commercial (digital / graphics). According to this Stocks Review article online art sales have increased by 24% over the last year. Could it have something to do with more people having expendable income because the economy is picking up? Hope so.

Both oil and watercolor paintings, along with prints, were purchased by 72% of all online art buyers last year. Whether those were the paintings by some legendary artist such as Picasso or Da Vinci, or the painting by some self-thought artists from the small town in Spain, you can be sure that this item will be purchased by some buyer in less than a month.

You may (or may not) be surprised by the world’s largest online retailers. Perhaps they cater to the mass art market? Some but not all sell art but these may be platforms to try, if you want to sell artwork With this in mind, I’m encouraged to sell some of my Aunt Katherine’s original, vintage paintings online, besides what I currently sell her collection as custom printed, non-mass produced, reusable wallcovering artwork.

Casart Coverings Vintage AK Impasto Tree Artwork self-adhesive Mural_AIE

Finally, since paintings take the cake for online art sales, you don’t have to purchase them large-scale. Here’s a piece about the miniature paintings offered by Hermés on the faces of their luxury watches = 2 for the price of one functional art piece.

Hermes painted watches_AIE

via World Tempus news

Have fun perusing these art-buying-ideas but don’t forget, time’s a tickin’ for that auction… 😉



Exhibition/Event Explosion

There is such a plethora of art exhibitions, information and events that are happening now in my area that I would like to see and be remiss in not mentioning them. I’ll try to list from when they begin and end, first to last with any links that apply:


“Resurrection Lily” Painting and Photo by Matthew Hilier @ Ann Arundel Community College

1) Beautiful flower paintings at Anne Arundel Community College through April 23. Hurry up, this one is ending soon!

Rowland Ricketts, III, Untitled Noren Partition, 2006 — “Blue” Textile Museum Exhibit

2)”Blue” at the Textile Museum (April 4 – September 18). An interesting variety about my favorite color.


DC Design House Property

3) The D.C. Design House (April 19 – May 11). Since there is no longer a NSO Design Showhouse, this is a way to get practical home decor solutions on a smaller scale. Tickets are $20. The old Georgetown Schoolhouse has been renovated for each interior designer’s rendition. I could be wrong, but I think this is the same location where I used to take graphic design at the Corcoran School of Art’s satellite building.


Old Town Arts & Crafts Festival

4) 28th Annual Old Town Arts & Crafts Festival at Market Square, Alexandria, VA, May 10 – 11. Sponsored by the Alexandria Volunteer Bureau.

“Black Dinghy” by Carol Bolsey

5) “Black Dinghy” and other paintings by Carol Bolsey at the Cross MacKenzie Ceramic Arts through May 14.


The Screwtape Letters, performance @ The Shakespeare Theatre

6) The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis at the Lansburgh Theatre through the Shakespeare Theatre Company (April 18 – May 18). The Washington Post claims it’s “wickedly” good and the characters exemplify this decked out in their devilish costumes.


“Looking Out” 1997, painting by Paul Rengo

7) Paula Rego’s Paintings at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, through May 25.

“Trash People” Photo by Kate Baylor

8) National Geographic’s “Trash People” by HA Shult, on view April 8 through June 8. Don’t throw away those soda cans anymore. You can make sculptures.

Library of Congress Experience

9) The Library of Congress Experience (Grand Opening April 12 and ongoing), with interactive technologies. It’s hard to see here but these Presidential portraits are achieved with finger and thumb prints. In a rough way this reminds me of Chuck Close, one of my favorite contemporary artists. You’ll see them plastered around poles in the Metro stations — clever way to advertise.

Crystal Flight Sculptures

10) The “Crystal Flight” Sculptures are on display around Crystal City. There are 50 planes with different themes, much like other cities have done with elephants and donkeys (DC) and fish (New Orleans). This could be a fun treasure hunt/find Waldo activity with or without kids. My husband and I saw these by chance two weekends ago and they are pretty novel and amusing. I’m enthusiastic that Byron Peck and other artists are involved. He may be most famously known for his Duke Ellington Mural.