Where is the Best Arts District?

There are 20 city entries in the running to find the best arts district. One could be your favorite. You have until March 1st if you’d like to vote via USA Today’s website.

Arts District via USAToday on Art Is EverywhereOf course I’m voting for New Orleans’ Warehouse District and the Contemporary Arts Center. It’s where we were recently, along the strip with the Ogden and WWII Museums, while visiting family for Thanksgiving.

Arts District via USAToday2 on Art Is EverywhereThere are many arts worth exploring in New Orleans, which is rich with music and culinary arts as well. This link takes you to previous posts about New Orleans’ murals.

Click on the side link or here for previous posts with a New Orleans theme.

Coincidentally, at one point, Alexandria, VA was on as similar list for one of the most art friendly cities. I’m lucky to have lived in both.


Developers Add Dramatic Design to DC

There are big changes coming to the l’Enfant Plaza and around the DC area with new 3 murals by international street artists, James Reka, (Australia)  Rafael Gerlach (German) known as SatOne and Nawer (Poland), as well as others. There are 19 murals planned via the JBG Companies, sponsor of the JBG Mural Project.

SaOne mural_JBG on Art Is Everywhere

Reka mural_JBG on Art Is Everywhere

Nawer mural_JBG on Art Is Everywhere

JBG developers has been a long-time proponent of adding artistic renovations to l’Enfant Plaza and in the DC metropolitan area as seen in the above photos via Hill Now, where you can read more about the description of the N Street NoMa murals. This public art project is curated in collaboration with the Art Whino gallery. Photos below via Complex.

LEnfant Plaza_Reka Mural 1_via Complex on Art Is Everywhere

LEnfant Plaza_Reka Mural 2_via Complex on Art Is Everywhere

JBG is also known for their beautiful, upscale and modern interiors inside their various developments.

HDG_JBG 1 on Art Is Everywhere

HDG_JBG 2 on Art Is Everywhere

HDG_JBG 3 on Art Is Everywhere

This is made possible by one of the top, award-winning, interior and architectural designers, Phyllis Hartman of the HDG — Hartman Design Group.

HDG Paradigm 1 on Art Is Everywhere

HDG Paradigm 3 on Art Is Everywhere

HDG Paradigm 2 on Art Is Everywhere

HDG contributes their talent to many real estate and commercial developers, like Paradigm as well.