Summer’s End and Olympics Begin

Just as Summer is ending soon, the Olympics begin.

It makes sense to reap Summer’s bounty before it fades — be it memories of carefree, less stressful days, or travel and being at the beach or even with Nature’s provision.

I thought these Nature murals were a wonderful to show off Ocala, Florida and the bounty of Her regional produce, while at the same time beautifying the city’s water tanks. I really like their colorful, illustrated style.

Ocala Nature water tank Mural_AIE

As the Olympics begin with the Opening Ceremonies this Friday — tomorrow evening — in Rio, here’s an updated mural announcement on my last post regarding Eduardo Kobra.

His longest mural will be unveiled at the start of the Olympics. Click the image to watch the movie.

Kobra Summer Olympics begin mural_AIE

Although not in Rio or associated with the Olympics per se, this Corpus Christi mural is so vibrant with a Latino flair that I thought it made sense to post with the timing of the Olympics. It’s entitled “Endless Sunset” by Sandra Gonzalez of Laredo.

Corpus Christi Mural on AIEHave fun watching the Olympics! I know I will.

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Some Sunny Summer Murals

Here are some bright and colorful patterned sunny summer murals.

These remind me of one of my favorite kid pastimes with Spirograph, but taken to the next level.

Hoxxoh murals-1 on Art Is Everywhere

Hoxxoh mural photos via Fubiz

Hoxxoh murals-2 on Art Is Everywhere Hoxxoh murals-3 on Art Is Everywhere Hoxxoh murals-4 on Art Is Everywhere Hoxxoh murals-5 on Art Is Everywhere Hoxxoh murals-6 on Art Is Everywhere Hoxxoh murals-7 on Art Is Everywhere Hoxxoh murals-8 on Art Is EverywhereThey are painted by Hoxxoh, (real name Douglas Hoekzema and his Rubick’s cube website is a fun visit as well). He’s based in Miami, as found on Fubiz.

Hoxxoh_rubicks cube website on Art Is EverywhereI’m not quite sure how he accomplishes the layout of his artwork but it is beautiful to watch.

You can watch more of his videos here.

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