Best Photos from 2013 to View When Your Snowbound

Are you stuck in the snow or just trying to stay warm this winter? Here’s a spectacular photo album to entice your visual senses while you’re indoors.  It came my way via StumbleUpon, featuring The Top 75 Pictures of the Year 2013. A few of my favorites are below.

ice-and-snow-on-tree-after-flood-trippy-effect by Willyyz on Reddit on AIE blog

polar-stratospheric-clouds-nacreous-clouds-antarctica-by-deven-stross-1 on AIE blog

giant-crystal-cave-naica-mexico_Alexander Van Driessche on AIE blog

seattle-fog-space-needle-looks-like-ufo_by NothingI5True on Reddit on AIE blog

white-humpback-whale-albino-migaloo on AIE blog

baby-common-goldeneye-ducks-leaving-nest-flying-for-first-time by on AIE blog

And, anticipating Spring…

cherry-blossoms-in-bloor-yokohama-japan-hanami_by AGUSTIN RAFAEL REYES on AIE blog

cambrian-infinity-pool-view-swiss-alps-adelboden-switzerland by The Cambrian Hotel on AIE blog

And this one below isn’t too far away in New York State, THE GORGE AT WATKINS GLEN

watkins-glen-gorge-rainbow-bridge-new-york_by Peter Rivera on AIE blog

8278665481_ca95def6cc_c_by SCOTT MCCRACKEN on AIE blog

woman-holding-mirror-on-grass-reflection_by LAURA WILLIAMS on AIE blog

You can check out the full album via this link.

A Gumbo of Goodies

Upon just getting back from vacation, I’ve assembled a quick and easy yet delightful mix of links — a gumbo of goodies to try.

We discussed revisiting berry picking as a possible family trip to the Rappahannock, which is where we used to take the boys when they were younger and where Piers and his girlfriend visited recently. They also went on a Virginia Vineyard tour, which can be another trip for this fall to consider. This newly discovered app will be interesting to use: “Uncovering George Washington’s Youth,” which I always thought was Pope’s Creek Plantation, where we have been. It is just down the road from Westmoreland Berry Farm, our favorite place to go berry picking.

While there, I don’t imagine we’ll see fall color like this but wouldn’t it be nice!! This was Stumbled Upon via Delightful’s post 10 Most Unbelievable Places in the World, which you’ll have to visit to see more — truly spectacular!

Amazing places in world on AIE

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

Amazing places in world on AIE

Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

Amazing places in world on AIE

Street in Bonn, Germany

Finally, try this fun thing to do — another Stumble upon find. A little addictive. No matter where you point your cursor, a picture with someone pointing to it can be found via Pointer Pointer. Freaky and how do they do that?!!

Pointer-pointer1_AIE Pointer-pointer2_AIE