Faux Sandstone Mantel

Faux Finish: This Faux Sandstone mantel is painted over a plain white painted plaster mantel to help blend in and complement the warmth of the decor. Detail of the Faux Sandstone Sample used for the mantel above. << Go back to the Finishes Page.

Eggplant Colorwash

Eggplant Colorwash creates a dramatic atmosphere as a decorative painted finish. << Go back to the Finishes Page.

Dry Brushed Elegance

Dry Brushed Elegance can create an ultra chic room, particularly in a pearl metallic. The Door also has a pealized metallic. The paint color and sheen change throughout the day depending on the light. << Go back to the Finishes Page.

Ragging with High Contrast Colors

Ragging with High Contrast Colors Before:  Solid colored pumpkin walls in this bathroom can be jarring. After: More muted beige colors blend nicely and the heavily textured, high contrast ragging adds interest. This finish works well in this bathroom, which has a lot of architectural details to break up the space and rich pattern of […]

Fine Art

From custom painted projects and graphic design, to house renderings, illustrations, calligraphy, portraits, and master reproductions–an art source for any fine art need.


Various commissioned projects that update or transform furniture with decorative painting, lettering and accents.


Murals are the ultimate in personalized wall or canvas artwork–begin with quality drawing and are the perfect way to commemorate a celebratory event, e.g. anniversary or new baby–all requiring fine, hand-painted execution. [mb_recent_works post_type=”post” category_id=”19,20,21,22,23,24,25″][/mb_recent_works]


• Faux Finishes — fool-the-eye treatments that compel the observer to take notice • Decorative Finishes — match the wall treatment and color scheme to suit your tastes and furnishings, to enhance, but not overwhelm, any room