Brushed-on Glazed Kitchen Cabinets

Brushed-on Glazed Kitchen Cabinets Before: Stock kitchen cabinets lack style and coordination with decor. After:  An aged brushed on finish over the kitchen cabinets gives a sophisticated, aged appearance, implying they’ve been there all along and aged gracefully over time. In this case, the clients did a lot of prep work and refinished the existing […]

French Country Cabinets

French Country Cabinets  Before:  This kitchen had dark wood cabinets. After: The cabinets were treated with a brushed on, aged finish with distressing. This kitchen reflects the client’s love of French Country. View the video below for this transformation.

Glazed Aged Finish Samples

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Brushed-on Glazed Finish Over Cream Cabinets

Type of Decorative Finish • Cabinet Glazing • Furniture Finish • Before and After Transformation Brushed-on Glazed Finish Over Cream Cabinets View how these kitchen cabinets transformed from a dark blue to a light and lively space with a brushed-on, glazed, kitchen cabinet decorative paint treatment.    

Glazed Mirrored Medicine Cabinet After Aged Treatment

Type of Decorative Finish • Cabinet Finishes • Before & After Transformations: Glazed Mirrored Medicine Cabinet After Aged Treatment

Chalk Painted Armoire and Pickled Table

Finishes: Cabinet • Furniture • Before & After Transformation • Close Up Finishes Chalk Painted Armoire and Pickled Table for SCW interiors.   Chalk paint can go over any previous medium without necessary priming, however it might take an extra coat as this piece did because of it’s original strong under color. Rubbing on the […]

Glazed Kitchen Cabinets

Glazed Kitchen Cabinets Before: Cabinets are stark against granite counters and glass tile backsplash. Seems too cold. White appliances stand out. Challenge: To glaze cabinets just enough to make a difference and help white appliances blend with decor without drastically changing the cabinet color too much. Also, choose a color and glazing application to harmonize […]

Cabinet Glazed Finish Sample

Closeup Sample for Cabinet Glazed Finish for Kitchen Cabinets

Different Painted Wood Finishes

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Glazed Country Kitchen Cabinets

Glazed Country Kitchen Cabinets: Adding a glaze and aging the cabinets helps a country kitchen gain charm. It’s a very subtle addition that makes a big difference. Here’s the finished full view — sunny and inviting. The glaze adds warmth and interest. Before glazing, the kitchen cabinets were builders white and too stark a contrast […]