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I’m a member of the King Street Gardens Park, pictured here. It’s the first thing one sees as they enter Old Town, Alexandria from the west gateway, along King Street. I see this park almost daily and whenever I’m in my car, which is where I happened to be coming back from the paint store. The park is lovely in the spring but I had never noticed, particularly in the winter, the contrast that the bark of the birch trees made with the background vines, which now fully envelop the topiary structure and create a screen. Maybe it was the time of day, the sun hitting the bark, but I had to walk back and take a picture. This park gets a lot of flack because it’s a controversial public space, but I thought it was truly beautiful.

King Street Gardens Park in the Winter

2 thoughts on “Everyday Sites

  1. Nice comments, Ashley.
    Now we have to get the River Birches replanted.
    That is John’s plan but he first needs to get the old impacted roots out.

  2. Thanks, Marlin.
    Coincidentally, this was the very 2nd post I wrote on my blog back in 2008.
    I have missed those birch trees ever since they were removed and will look forward to when the roots can be removed and they can be replaced.
    Maybe this spring?

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