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Happy Columbus Day! This should be a holiday but I’m working…

Congratulations to Jaimie Gili, the winner for the Maine Center for Creativity’s, Art All Around™ contest, which I posted back in May in Unusual Places for Art. Here is the press release alerting me to the outcome. I’m looking forward to seeing the results in 2011. I hope to fly back to Maine (see previous mention) by then.  He has derived his inspiration from 50’s, 60’s & 70’s abstract, optical art in Venezuela. Follow the links above to see the video presentation and what his art will entail to cover the 261,000 square feet of the Sprague Energy tanks in Portland. Just a shout out to Jean Maginnis for conducting a great contest and getting productive results.

Proposed artwork of Jamie Gili via Maine Center for Creativity

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  1. Hello….and I heard your shout….thanks for letting your readers know about the contest and that Jaime Gili is the winner…the 560 submissions we received from all across the United States and from more than 73 countries inspired and fed our souls. Now, we just have to buy 4000 gallons of paint! Jean

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