Dancing Dress

I like this painting of a dancing dress by Nancy Pane Fortwengler, called Aviatrix. It’s part of a solo show at the Art League Gallery in Alexandria, VA through July 6.

Aviatrix. Painting by Nancy Pane Fortwengler

The colors are vibrant yet soothing and add to the illusion of the dress floating. The impressionistic style enhances the diaphanous quality.

It reminded me of this Zipper Dress by Cat Chow, made from one continuous zipper. It was one of the pieces featured in the exhibit “Manufractured: The Conspicuous Transformation of Everyday Objects” at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, OR. The premise of the show was using mass produced objects to create art. I think the silhouette of this dress is quite sophisticated and elegant.

Zipper Dress by Cat Chow

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