Red Bull & The Art of Can

The Art of Can exhibit of Red Bull can art just recently ended. I had it on my list to see in the lobby of DC’s Union Station, but there were too many other pressing priorities: back-to-back on site decorative painting projects, book group hosting among other things and an incredible casart coverings order with can’t-believable-odds and unforeseeable hurdles to jump. We managed it, however, with many players, simultaneously while I was working on a 2′ wide plank in a 16′ stairwell. If that’s not multi-tasking, I don’t know what is! It all required the “art of can” and our perseverance paid off. I needed a lot of Red Bull to get me through. Unfortunately, I just don’t like the taste — too medicinal for me. However, this exhibit really speaks to the creative. All sculptures were made entirely of Red Bull cans. Here’s an article about Lee Kenny and his creative process. He’s one of the artists for the exhibit.





If this exhibit was only two weeks later, I’d be able to see it, as I’m taking off for New York by train through Union Station for a casart coverings project this week. I’ll be able to report back on it later once it’s done.

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