Artful Eyes

There are a small number of trained ocularists — only a few hundered in the country, as it is a niche industry requiring a “trained eye” and skill to create realistic prosthetic eyes.

I found this CNN story thought-provoking on Christie Erickson’s talent for painting and making prosthetic eyes It takes a lot of work and it’s something that often gets overlooked. As the article states,” people who want to enter the profession must spend 10,000 hours, or five years, of apprenticeship to become certified.The career blends the fields of art and science — as only people with a creative side and anatomical knowledge can duplicate the organ that gives the gift of sight.Click here to read more….and a link to the American Society of Ocularists for more information.

Ms. Erickson has an interesting toolbox.

Prosthetic eye toolbox, as seen on Art is Everywhere

And this is the result of one of her creations.

Prosthetic eye by Christie Erikson, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

With the way I’ve been spending time on the computer, I feel my eyes are giving out on me and this is tough for an artist and I hope it is not the case. I’m now using glasses to compensate and hopefully stop further progression of blurred vision.

There is a lot of music I could post in relation to eyes to Kick Start the Weekend but I think it’s always intriguing to see the actual band performing, so I like to post this when I come across such footage; even though there may be higher quality videos. Here’s The Black Keys with Them Eyes.

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