Into the Woods

Since I’m heading to a cabin in the woods to hopefully get far enough from technology to tune out and turn off for a bit, I thought this paint-by-number mural would be a fun one to post.

paint_by_number_mural as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Paint by number mural by Curtis Robertson

Paint by number mural by Curtis Robertson, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Paint by number mural by Curtis Robertson -- before prep via

This is not hard to do but takes a lot of prep work to map out, draw on the wall and assign numbers, which is much harder than the actual painting — that’s the fun part. In fact, if you go on to read the source for this article, the artist even says he’s available for hire to create the grid and instructions so one can map out their mural on the wall and can do it themselves:

Are you for hire and how could someone get in touch with you? Yes. I love doing these, but the best use of my time and a clients’ funds would be for them have me help them select the subject and have me basically create a big “paint by number kit” on walls, and then have THEM fill it in. Then, if they want to hire me again at the end to tweak it, I can.

I like the abstract nature that this type of mural has with it’s “naive” stylistic painting — using blocks of color. Some of us from a slightly older generation can relate to the endearing quality of paint-by-number because we did them, or at least I did, when we were younger. Funny though, they are now viewed as completely “new” by a younger generation and vintage is very in now because it all seems new. I’ve thought about doing a paint-by-number for Casart coverings but I have a different interactive idea in mind that may be coming soon to our website near you….

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