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I’ve been following the Colossal blog for so long that I was surprised that I had not put it on my Blogroll. It must be because it’s not one of those things that I don’t have to think about knowing to do. Well, I’ve remedied that now and added to my list.

When I last clicked on their site, every one of their posts was filled with inspiration.

Here’s a quick sampling from Colossal.

 1_David Oliveira_wire sculpture_via Colossal_Art Is Everywhere

I love anything seashells! I collect them.

2_Shells by Lonac_via Colossal_Art Is Everywhere

This takes an amazing ability to sync the laborious stop-motion film (based on time sequence photos) to the music. Beautifully achieved but incredibly time-consuming.

3_Fluxos Claymation_via Colossal_Art Is Everwhere

Like seashells, I love anything with aquariums and fish. This is so other-worldly to see.

4_Aquatic Aquarium Layout_via Colossal_Art Is Everywhere 5_Aquatic Aquarium Layout_via Colossal_Art Is Everywhere

The detailed nature of these illustrations are more inspiring to me than the subject; although they remind me of a modern-day Arcimboldo.

6_Benze illustration_via Colossal_Art Is Everywhere 7_Benze illustration_via Colossal_Art Is Everywhere 8_Benze illustration_via Colossal_Art Is Everywhere

What a fantastic diptych and triptych idea + artfully repurposing old surf, skate and ski boards.

9_Artboards_via Colossal_Art Is Everywhere 10_Artboards triptych_via Colossal_Art Is Everywhere

I also saw these masks below for sale on Etsy. They would be great for Halloween but they are just a little too scary for me, reminding me of some sub-cult or slasher movie if you saw someone on the street wearing one and walking toward you.

11_Wintercroft mask_via Colossal_Art Is Everywhere

And if the current posts don’t grab your attention, you can click on their suggested posts at the bottom. Of course I was intrigued by the kaleidoscope one because it reminds me of Spirograph.

12_Trending Colossal_Art Is EverywhereAnd here’s the post about Ornate Textiles by Suzan Drummen.

13_vlissingen-j-voor-site_via Colossal_Art Is Everywhere

A Little Fruit with those Veggies, Please

I’ve been meaning to post this for so long that it seems appropriate to do it now while I’ve just mentioned Mardi Gras costumes, which conjures dressing up in disguise.

This reminds me of  Arcimboldo exhibit that my son Piers and I saw at the National Gallery of Art while he was in town for winter break. I had studied Archimboldo for my Art History major but wasn’t really familiar with the details of his work. I was mesmerized by how everything he painted, in exceptional detail, had some sort of symbolic meaning and or was attributed to the world’s fascination, at the time, with new found flora and fauna in Nature and even with the grotesque. Not to mention, the exceptional skill it took to assemble all these elements to paint a trompe l’oeil painting that was an imaginative and representational portrait. He was highly regarded and popular during his lifetime (unlike so many artists). He was the court painter for three different monarchs, Ferdinand I (Habsbourg), Maximilian II and his son Rudolf II (Prague). Leonardo was probably aware of his work and later, Salvador Dali, among others, were influenced by his surrealistic style. The more you look at his paintings, the more will be unveiled.

Arcimboldo's Vortumnus via Arcimboldo.org, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Arcimboldo's Vortumnus via Arcimboldo.org

Winter-(L'Inverno) via Arcimboldo.org, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Arcimboldo's Winter-(L'Inverno), 1572

Here’s a picture that we took of an incredible modern sculpture that was inspired by Arcimboldo’s Winter montage/ portrait, above.

Arcimoldo-sculpture_NGA_AIE, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Arcimoldo style sculpture at National Gallery of Art. Photo by Piers Spencer

Since I normally post about Murals on Mondays, how could I forget. Here’s a wonderful trompe l’oeil mural of a humorous grocery/ fruit stand scene in Osaka, Japan.

1_Trompe l'oeil mural via Silent I, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Trompe l'oeil mural in Osaka, Japan, via Silent I (Photo by Glennia Campbell)