Catalog of Fears

What do you do with a large blackboard space and a lot of chalk? Well, you create a “mural” with all of the words that catalog your fears, like fear of losing luggage, fear of losing memory, fear of a terrorist attack….I can think of hundreds, like  fear of falling off a 16′ ladder extension ladder strapped to a 12′ high step ladder while restoring the faux stone finish on a 17′ high vaulted ceiling. Never want to do that again! My body was aching for days, especially my neck and shoulder from the strain and my calves from the tension of just trying to maintain balance. You don’t realize when you’re up there how every muscle in your body tenses.

I would think Brian Rea’s creative process would be quite a cathartic exercise.  It actually sounds like fun and a great stream-of-conscious, brainstorming, doodle. I don’t know if I’d call it a mural, but a mural can tell a story so therein, I suppose it is a mural of words — similar to other textual – word mural/ artwork posts that I’ve written.

Brian Rea FEARS detail from Fast Company, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Brian Rea FEARS detail from Fast Company

FEARS best detail 5 via Fast Company, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

FEARS best via Fast Company as seen on Art Is Everywhere

On the opposite wall, he painted a UFO mural called Visions, using a chalk layout and then white paint similar to the process he used for the Fears mural. This reminds me where is that V show this season? I’ve been waiting….

Rea VISIONS_Fast Company as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Rea VISIONS via Fast Company

Examples of Exotic

Normally I find music to go along with my posts for the end of the week. This time, I re-discovered the music before the artwork through my son’s Facebook thread, who knew…..

I just ran across this song, Kiss Them for Me by Siouxi and the Banshees. I loved in the 80’s and that still hasn’t changed. I forgot what a fun song this was, especially to Kick Start the weekend.

Now for the artwork, again, just happened to see this Ford ad. Grabs your attention right?! And it happens to be the perfect lips for Kiss them for me. What I also like about it is the use of textural art, instead of forming the picture as in previous examples, here the words overlay on top of the image — great Photoshop and clever idea.

Kiss_Ford-ad_as seen on Art Is Everywhere

I’ll also add some exotic artwork — or what I think may be — by Katherine Bowling, from an article I read in Elle Decor. Her paintings do not depict the usual composed perspective. They appear off-center and focus on the mundane, every day aspect of the scene. They seem to evoke a mysterious, exotic, fantasy-feel of images of familiarity. I also appreciate their liquid painterly style as if realism is obscurely viewed through glass. She captures the detail yet glazes over it. The lighting in her work reminds me of the sensuality one might feel while experiencing just the perfect outdoor scene, when everything falls into place as being serene and memorable above all other similar days. This is like when you notice that sunset, that you know occurs every evening but you’ve never quite seen it so beautiful before.

Katherine-Bowling_via Elle Decor, October 2010 issue, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Article on Katherine Bowling featured in Elle Decor, October 2010 issue

Finally, since I started with how I found my music for this post, I’ll end with with a link to a post about my son Jackson’s artwork by Taylor Kavanaugh, a classmate who graduated with Jackson from high school. I had not seen this photo below and agree with her take on Jackson’s keen photographic eye. Somehow he’s able to capture what we might all take for granted and present it in a intriguing and mysterious way. I wonder where this structure is in the vast Sewanee woods?

Jackson's+photo via Taylor's Art Blog, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Jackson's photo via Taylor's Art Blog

Hopefully, you’ve been listening to the song above, all while reading this post. If not, get to it and start kick-starting your weekend early. It’s almost Friday.