Belgium Solidarity

Joyfully it is Easter Week — a time to celebrate!

In the spirit of energy and renewal, this is quick post as we get ready for our annual Easter Brunch, to show solidarity with the Belgium people. The world has come together, yet again, to express their sympathy and support after the latest terrorists attacks.

It is a sad coincidence that as I wrote my blog post last week, the remaining terrorist in the Paris attacks had been caught in Belgium. I noted that I hoped this victory would give the French and other nations information to prevent future attacks. Tragically in just a week’s time, in between the writing of the last post and this, another horrific terrorist crime has occurred. More innocent people are dead and countries, particularly Europe is on high alert. In the midst of this wake, I’m more encouraged by the unification around the world expressing solidarity with Belgium and efforts to fight terrorism.

Begium Muslims unite on Art Is Everywhere

via Washington Post

This image spoke a message about the human spirit — free and defiant, not afraid to gather, called into action, paying respects to the lives of the dead, offering hopes and prayers for their families and the future.

Thinking about the book Big Magic’s concept that the idea is powerful and can be realized by those who think and act upon it, collectively as more people embrace prayer and thoughts for hope, I believe we can win this war.

Hermes-Butterfly as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Human + Butterfly merge

The butterflies are symbolic for God’s miracles, transformation, and rebirth. They indicate for me that peace will come.

Butterflies are free and in some ways represent transcendence from constraints and this world. Hopefully you’ll see why I like butterflies.

Facebook Leads to Floral Murals

I was surprised like most people that David Choe, the graffiti artist who painted murals in the Facebook headquarters back in 2005, will become an immediate millionaire once Facebook goes public with their IPO. He chose to have shares in the company rather than the $60,000 cash for his labor. He sold some of his shares to bring in some cash but kept the rest as stock — a rich investment indeed.

Mr. Choe was interviewed by Barbara Walters and other news programs in the last couple of months. I saved this post to run after all the hubbub because 1) I found it interesting that he didn’t welcome the fame — he was already famous to those who knew his work and liked his lifestyle and 2) although he’s a talented artist, I don’t enjoy his work as much as the other artist that I came across from this Facebook story.

1_Choe Facebook murals_via Bits_Art Is Everywhere blog

Homedit shows Choe’s murals in progression at Facebook’s facility as well as Jet Martinez‘s floral mural. I like his graphic style and rainbow colors + it’s perfect to post for spring — now that is is here — and hopefully to stay.

1_Jet-Martinez-facebook-mural_via Homedit, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

2_Jet-Martinez-facebook-mural_via Homedit, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

3_Jet-Martinez-facebook-mural_via Homedit, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

4_Jet-Martinez-facebook-mural_via Homedit, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Here’s one more graphic floral mural that reminds me of my childhood Spirograph days. Love it! This happy sunflower mural by Kelly Placke is part of Roosevelt Row’s sponsorship of Adaptive Reuse of Temporary Space (A.R.T.S.) Program in Phoenix, Arizona as an annual effort to revitalize properties in the downtown area with a public mural program called Valley of the Sunflowers.

Kelly Placke_sunflower mural_via Phoenix Times, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Flowers are sprouting…Life is re-blooming…Happy Easter!