Typographic Imagery

Continuing with the typographic theme, if you’re into graphic design as I am, here’s a museum for you to check out next time that you’re in New York City, the Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography. I first learned of this center from Creative Review. I think it might be fun for my son Jackson and I to visit, since we constantly try to guess the typestyle or font used for most everything we see. I was surprised, however, that their website wasn’t more informative. It is located at 41 Cooper Square at The Cooper Union.

Lubalin_via Creative Review as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Lubalin Center via Creative Review

Since graphic design is mentioned in this post, here are 50 excellent graphic design blogs (besides above). Toxel is just one featured and they show more than just graphic design like this 3D street art being used in Canada to get drivers to slow down. Interesting idea but it might cause me to get in an accident even if I wasn’t speeding.

3dspeedbump01 via Toxel, as seen on Art is Everywhere

3D art featured in Canada via Toxel

On ocondesign, I really enjoyed learning about the step by step process used to create logo design for Thomas & Gray Furniture.

thomasgray1 via ocondesign as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Final Thomas & Gray Funiture Design via ocondesign

Graphic design and typography always makes me think twice about the everyday script and logos that we see daily and might even take for granted the amount of work that goes into their creation.

Mardi Gras, Masks and Typography

In advance of Fat Tuesday! Here’s a combination of Venice and New Orleans. This is Gabriela Coutinho’s Venice Carnavale 2008. The costumes are wonderful:

And from Irishaikidoka on YouTube: Hermes Wrestling for Pollens Float 18, just this past Friday night:

I’ll have to ask my brother it this was his float.

Here’s an interesting story behind a commissioned  Sri Lankan Mask.

And something we use everyday — not a cover up but maybe a hidden art —  of creating typography. There is an interesting lecture tonight at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, called “The Designing Type: The Work of Matthew Carter. He is a founder of the fonts: Verdana, Georgia, Tahoma and Postoni — ones we may use everyday. Personally, I’m a fan of Verdana.