Chuck A Go-Go

I liked Chuck Brown, the famous go-go singer from the DC area who passed away in May 2012. He had a catchy song that they used to always play on TV for the DC lottery. More recently there was a portrait mural painted in his honor and for the Pump Me Up Corcoran Museum of Art exhibit and now sponsored by DC Arts Commission there is Go-Go Swing to enjoy.

chucklead-thumb via curbed on Art is Everywhere

Some of his famous hits include “Bustin’ Loose” featured in the Chips Ahoy commercial. His influence has reached Nelly, with his Gettin “Hot in Herre” same beat song and one of my favorites, Jill Scott, with their duet L.O.V.E song, from which he received a Grammy nomination.

Think it’s time to do a Kick Start the Weekend with these songs:

I’ve always liked this song, Golden by Jill Scott — such strong vocals and message.

So much to learn from our paper’s Going Out Guide. Did you know last Friday was Rum Day? Glad I got the notice in time to celebrate!