I've been experimenting a lot with Photoshop lately as I purchased a Wacom pen tablet. This enables me to draw right into the program. It doesn't feel natural to me yet and doesn't quite give the look that I would like to achieve that I am used to from traditional painting but it does allow tremendous versatility and can separate the image into layers as it is created and these layers can be custom manipulated with color and just about anything else that produces multiple variations. It all takes practice and lots of it. As seen in these examples, for which I now have such a greater appreciation — knowing the difficulties of achieving this end result. All of the images below have links to their sources and more info about this digital artistic genre.


Link to previous post on HDR photography

Clicking on this image link below will take you a site where Bert Monroy, a photorealistic digital artist, explains his artistic process.

Clicking on this photo link below will take you to Bert Monroy's closer look on the details of how he created this incredibly realistic piece, Damen (train station).

Read how long it took him to do this and that says it all. I'm learning as I go…

On another note but not unrelated to digital art, I had posted previously that a company has hired me as their art agent to locate artists to participate in promotional events for their high profile client. My sister has been helping me and we've located all the artists but still searching for one for Denver, so this is a call for artists who may want to participate. Here's my pitch for artists who might be interested:

I'm looking for an artist who:

• Should relate to audience: 25-35 year old females and males, including gay males, who are culturally-savvy and socially aware

• Creates abstract modern medium design — can be digital art, fashion oriented and or construction art in conjunction with actual traditional media, i.e. painting or drawing at the event

• Can create a piece of art incorporating the liquor branding (i.e., label, bottle, cap etc)

• Can set up a makeshift gallery with the space provided

• Has a fan base similar to the the above demographic

• Work embodies a young, bold, unpretentious, stylish and progressive

• Is not afraid to express themselves through the usage of color

• Is charming and social

• Is hip and fashionable

Please contact me asap so that I can send you additional information regarding the actual event and incentives for the artist.

In the meantime, Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Tapping into Creativity

As I get creative inspiration from outside sources, like the Design House, I thought this blog post by Sean Hodge of “12 Ways to Tap into and Endless Well of Creativity” gave really useful advice for any type of artist. Here they are listed in a nutshell with further explanation on the PSDTUTS (Photoshop Tutorials) blog.

1. Mine your subconscious and dreams

2. Keep a drawing journal and doodle regularly

3. Study artists you admire

4. Look at the natural world around you

5. Look to other disciplines

6. Look to art and design history

7. Experiment with combining concepts and styles

8. Shoot lots of pictures

9. Look at old advertisements, kitch and ephemera

10. Find inspiration online

11. Set regular habits

12. Develop your creative process

I also like this blogger’s post on The Artist’s Way about relying on enthusiasm rather than discipline for creativity. This brought about a thought provoking discussion at this post and gave me a fresh new perspective. Most of the time, I find, the creative comes when you’re not looking for it or forcing it to happen.