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    Bookish Murals

    Libraries are not only wonderful, calm places to read and explore books, but also to see murals. Here’s one in the Earlscourt Library in Toronto. This is an incredible story because the murals, originally painted by Doris McCarthy in 1932, were painted over during a renovation. The locals remembered the original murals and how much delight they brought. They raised $12,000 to uncover just one mural. Today the entire set of murals can be seen thanks to $2.54 million restoration. Lesson: “modernization” shouldn’t forget intrinsic value. Here’s another mural that had long been covered up in a former public library in New Orleans. Dr. Sylvi Beaumont purchased the structure and…

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    Normally, I wouldn’t start off the week with a post about cocktails but this is a hectic one with back to back on site work and printings for casart coverings. Life has been so crazy busy that I never really fully posted about the fun stuff during my recent trip to New Orleans. We were in meetings most of the time but we did take a break to have a drink at the Sazerac Bar in the now named Roosevelt Hotel, originally name for Teddy Roosevelt. It was once called the Fairmont, where I remember the Hermes Ball used to take place. It closed after Hurricane Katrina with some water…

  • Clarinet Mural Close-Up -- Holiday Day Inn Hotel, New Orleans, see on Art Is Everywhere
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    New Orleans Murals

    Being an artistic city, there are many public murals in New Orleans, however, here are just a few to highlight. I was unaware of these, having never been to Ralph’s on the Park until recently (view up close versions if you take the virtual tour on this link). These murals located in the downstairs dining area are painted by Tony Green, a very talented artist and musician, who happened to be my parents’ French Quarter neighbor for a time while they had their condo across the street and since he visits Venice, Italy annually, he knows my cousins — small world, indeed. These capture an era gone by but still…