Think Outside of the Airport!

When I first saw this image in the Washington Post, I thought these were modern-day, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, but no, they are the architectural diagrams of airport terminals. This is something I have seen but take for granted every time I fly. However, I thought this was so creative to recognize that these airport silhouettes could be conceived as artistic designs. Charles Cohan, a printmaker and art professor in Hawaii, who travels quite a bit, noticed these shapes in the back of many airline magazines. He’s collected 62 and has made 90 plates. This collection, on exhibit at the Curator’s Office in Washington, DC, displays diagrams of 43 airports. He’s on a quest to collect more. According to the artist, there are 265 or 270 official terminals and many unofficial ones used for military services. Flying the friendly skies has a whole new meaning now. This was really “outside the (airport) box” thinking — terminal design. It’s pretty inspirational to look beyond the everyday.

Airport Hieroglyphs

Cutlery Design

Is there an art to eating? Maybe with newly designed cutlery. Here’s an interesting video to watch about the latest designs in cutlery. Not only are they functional (some are and some aren’t), but the designs are very artistic and modern. The names: Knork, Mono Zueg, Ramen Spoon and Curveware are pretty innovative and the ergonomic aspect is very appealing.
Here’s the story in the Washington Post Food Section.