A Perpetual Window Looking onto Provence

My client had a wonderful idea — for me to paint a scene from Provence in France to give as a grateful thank you gift to her friend (who loves France) and for taking care of her daughter for some time. I had some salvaged windows that I thought we could put to use. Together, this is the outcome, a painted scene from the streets of Toutour, a small town in Southern France, that has been given the prestigious recognition of one of the most beautiful villages in Proven├že.

The original painting was painted on board and then backed onto a vintage, whitewashed, antique, salvaged window to give it character, charm and portability. It now becomes a perpetual window looking onto Proven├že.

France is always with her friend. What a thoughtful gift!

Murall Window into Provence with frame_by C. Ashley Spencer

Mural framed by window

Here’s what the mural looks like prior to adding the window.

Provence Mural without window_painted by C. Ashley Spencer

Provence Mural without window

The original picture reference, from the Most Beautiful Villages in France.

tourtour-village_art ref for Ashley Spencer for Casart

Original image for visual reference