Whales Sail the Bathroom Waves

Murals • Before After Transformations Whales Sail the Bathroom Waves My client wanted to spruce up her boys’ bathroom while adding a whimsical design that matched a soft blue and white color scheme. The inspiration for whales sailing upon bathroom waves came from the shower curtain and an Aegean wave motif. << Go back to […]

A Perpetual Window Looking onto Provence

My client had a wonderful idea — for me to paint a scene from Provence in France to give as a grateful thank you gift to her friend (who loves France) and for taking care of her daughter for some time. I had some salvaged windows that I thought we could put to use. Together, […]

Faux Tile Outlet Covers

Finishes • Accents • Closeup Faux Tile Outlet Covers This newly renovated kitchen backsplash lacked one thing — an uninterrupted view. The designer called me in to treat all the outlet covers to match up with the existing mosaic tile. As you can see, it was detailed job. Each one had to be aligned and […]

Quote and Finish Repair

Repair & Restoration • Finishes • Lettering & Accents Quote and Finish Repair The walls needed plastering due to the house settling and water damage. My job was to paint over the plaster and match the existing finish. None of the paints had been saved or were known. There was also the challenge of matching […]

Nursery Design with Growth in Mind

Murals • Before & After Transformations Nursery Design with Growth in Mind My clients were having a baby girl. They wanted to do something special for her nursery with hand painted mural elements that matched the animals in her crib bedding. I was happy to comply but also suggested incorporating the pink plaid motive painted […]

Custom Bee Stamp Powder Room

Murals • Lettering & Accents Custom Bee Stamp Powder Room This design was taken from the client’s wallpaper inspiration but the wallpaper she had wanted to use was discontinued. This didn’t stop her creative goal. A custom bee stamp was created.  Each bee was stenciled twice with 2 color applications  get the effect of wallpaper […]

Cloud Cover

Murals: Cloud Cover This nursery mural had the unusual approach of bringing the clouds onto the walls, which opened up the space and visually makes the walls disappear. This painted ceiling cloud project also has iridescent stars that glows as a constellation for the girl’s birth month.

Prayer Quote and Trompe l’Oeil Cross

Prayer Quote and Trompe l’Oeil Cross Before: Unfinished space for St. Stephens St. Agnes School’s new Meditation & Prayer Room. After: The hand painted, three-color, metallic quote is 14 feet above the floor and is 36 feet long. It along with the trompe l’oeil cross, above the entry, enhance contemplative reflection. Relax with John Tavener’s music […]

Wallpaper Repair

Repair & Restoration • Before & After Transformation Murals  Hand Painted Wallpaper Repair Before: Wallpaper is torn and needs repair. These flaws detract from an otherwise beautiful dining room. After: Seamless repair is achieved through handpainting with careful attention to detail and masterful matching of color and pattern. This is the perfect solution for when […]

Hand Painted Wisteria

Murals • Before & After Transformations:  Hand Painted Wisteria Before:  Kitchen with dark wood cabinets and busy wallpaper. After:  Removing wallpaper, painting cabinets, and the walls with a custom wisteria vine to fit the space, not only updates, lightens, and freshens the kitchen but personalizes it. The lovely garden is brought indoors, year round.   […]