Whales Sail the Bathroom Waves

Murals • Before After Transformations Whales Sail the Bathroom Waves My client wanted to spruce up her boys’ bathroom while adding a whimsical design that matched a soft blue and white color scheme. The inspiration for whales sailing upon bathroom waves came from the shower curtain and an Aegean wave motif. << Go back to […]

A Perpetual Window Looking onto Provence

My client had a wonderful idea — for me to paint a scene from Provence in France to give as a grateful thank you gift to her friend (who loves France) and for taking care of her daughter for some time. I had some salvaged windows that I thought we could put to use. Together, […]

Custom Bee Stamp Powder Room

Murals • Lettering & Accents Custom Bee Stamp Powder Room This design was taken from the client’s wallpaper inspiration but the wallpaper she had wanted to use was discontinued. This didn’t stop her creative goal. A custom bee stamp was created.  Each bee was stenciled twice with 2 color applications  get the effect of wallpaper […]

Prayer Quote and Trompe l’Oeil Cross

Prayer Quote and Trompe l’Oeil Cross Before: Unfinished space for St. Stephens St. Agnes School’s new Meditation & Prayer Room. After: The hand painted, three-color, metallic quote is 14 feet above the floor and is 36 feet long. It along with the trompe l’oeil cross, above the entry, enhance contemplative reflection. Relax with John Tavener’s music […]

Faux Plaster Shell Door

Furniture: Faux Plaster Door  

Fern Detail Hall Table Design

Furniture • Close Up • Hand painted Accents & Lettering: Fern Detail Hall Table Design Click here to see the before and after views and completed project.

Trompe l’Oeil Matchbook Detail

Furniture • Accent Close Up Trompe l’Oeil Matchbook Detail Click here to view the completed furniture project.

Coffee House Murals

Public Art Murals: Coffee House Murals Flying Coffee Cups at The Uptowner in Alexandria, VA   Floating Coffee Cups at St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub in Del Ray area of Alexandria, VA

Duke Street Pedestrian Concourse

Duke Street Pedestrian Concourse Murals Commissioned and owned by the City of Alexandria, Installation–January 2005 (on display until 2020) Directions: From King Street Metro, walk South towards Duke Street along Metro side sidewalk, toward Carlyle Towers and The Patent and Trade Office Complex. This path will lead directly under Duke Street where six, 4′ x […]

Jefferson Houston School Mural

The Jefferson Houston School Mural is a 50′ long exterior, 14 (4′ x 8′) MDO panel piece. Commissioned in January 2007 by Alexandria City Public Schools to help encourage the kindergarten – 5th grade school children to learn some of their SOL subjects through exposure to art. The mural can be viewed on the playground. […]