Subtle Painted Chair Accents

Furniture • Close Up Finish: Subtle painted chair accents, with red & black glaze and added embellishments, change the look of this rather plain chair.    

Heirloom Table After Custom Gustavian Finish

Furniture • Before & After Transformation • Close Up Trompe l’Oeil Heirloom Table After Custom Gustavian Finish This piece was in the client’s family for generations. It was acquired after the passing of a parent. The matchbook where the table was discovered at flea market while honeymooning in Paris was inside the drawer. Because of […]

Dining Room Table After Pickling Treatment

Furniture • Before & After Transformations – Finishes: Dining Room Table After Pickling Treatment Click here to view the entire Chalk Painted Armoire and Pickled Table project.

Brushed-on Glazed Kitchen Cabinets

Brushed-on Glazed Kitchen Cabinets Before: Stock kitchen cabinets lack style and coordination with decor. After:  An aged brushed on finish over the kitchen cabinets gives a sophisticated, aged appearance, implying they’ve been there all along and aged gracefully over time. In this case, the clients did a lot of prep work and refinished the existing […]

Before and After Pearlized Stripes

Pearlized Stripes Before: A sage green dining room. After: With pearlized, iridescent stripes, the dining room appears sophisticated and elegant. The stripes are narrow, which gives the illusion of added height to the space. Because they are brushed on with a pearlized glaze, the existing paint color did not need to be changed, and they […]

Ragging with Low Contrasting Colors

Ragging with Low Contrasting Colors Before:  A plain bathroom… After:  Gets updated with the rich texture of ragging. Because this is a small space, pale and low contrasting colors were used to accentuate the view from the window and the cheerful colors of outdoors. This bathroom appears fresh and clean and energizes the morning routine. […]

Pumpkin Colored Colorwash Transformation

Pumpkin Colored Colorwash Before: A deep dark red living room. Red, even though it is in the warm color family can be somber. After: New butternut and pumpkin paint colors with colorwashing enliven and brighten the space. Colorwashing breaks up dull, flat, solid paint color and makes this living room a cheerful, warm and welcoming […]

2-Color Colorwash – Before & After

2 Color Colorwash Before:  Boring beige was too dark and didn’t harmonize well with other shades of beige in adjacent rooms…too much of the same, lacking interest. After: 2-Color Colorwashing, using a lighter base, a darker beige glaze and a pale blue-green glaze with white to blend, the entry, and downstairs and upstairs hallways blend […]

Tuscan Colorwash Transformation

Tuscan Colorwash Before: A plain peach bedroom. After: Colorwashing walls give the aged appearance of a home in Tuscany. The clients no longer have to dream as if they were there. Having vacationed in Italy, they can now live their memories in their own home. Bellismo! What can I say, but “Bellisimo“! (by Ilya).

Floor Design is Showing Wear and Tear

Finishes • Repair & Restoration • Floor Finish: This floor design is showing wear and tear. Floor stains have been matched, repaired and new coats of sealant added and floor restored.   Save Save Save