Glazed Country Kitchen Cabinets

Glazed Country Kitchen Cabinets: Adding a glaze and aging the cabinets helps a country kitchen gain charm. It’s a very subtle addition that makes a big difference. Here’s the finished full view — sunny and inviting. The glaze adds warmth and interest. Before glazing, the kitchen cabinets were builders white and too stark a contrast […]

Whitewashed Kitchen Cabinets

Finishes: Cabinet Finishes • Before & After Transformation • Close up Whitewashed kitchen cabinets can dramatically change the look of a dark kitchen to a light, welcoming and visually larger space.     This is what the kitchen looked like before with dark cabinets. The colorwash treatment was applied in layers to allow some wood […]

Brushed-on Metallic & Modern Finishes

Contemporary Finishes: Elegant Brushed-On Metallic Modern finishes are the perfect backdrop for a contemporary setting. Here’s what the room looked like before with builder’s basic white walls.   << Go back to the Finishes Page.

Ragging with High Contrast Colors

Ragging with High Contrast Colors Before:  Solid colored pumpkin walls in this bathroom can be jarring. After: More muted beige colors blend nicely and the heavily textured, high contrast ragging adds interest. This finish works well in this bathroom, which has a lot of architectural details to break up the space and rich pattern of […]