Tropical Theme Mural

Murals: Tropical Theme Mural in nursery  

Hand Painted Tiles

The theme for these hand painted tiles was taken from the client’s china plate pattern and installed for a kitchen backsplash.

Nantucket Floor Cloth Mural

Murals: This hand painted Nantucket floor cloth mural was painted for a client’s vacation home to welcome guests as the first thing they would see upon entering.

Faux House – Trompe l’Oeil Details

The House That Faux Built, 2006, Arlington, Virginia. The project was an artistic, fundraising effort for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.   Other news coverage includes: The project was covered on HouseSmarts TV, episode #41. Aired Fall, 2007.  Michael Ayala interviews me and Adrienne vanDooren about the Faux House. Coverage on Channel 9 news (WUSA). […]

Country Air Nursery Mural

Murals: Country Air Nursery Mural A country-air nursery mural was painted for this client to bring Nature indoors for their little one.  

Palladian Villa Mural

Murals: A hand-painted Palladian Villa Mural extends the perspective of the room and gives a special trip reflection with more than just a photo. Some of the types of marbling detail used in this mural.

Palladian Villa Mural Detail

Murals: Close Up Detail Click here to see the full room view of this Palladian Villa painted Mural.