Complicated Stairwell Repair

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Complicated Stairwell Repair

There was a lot of patchwork going on in this repair project

— about 22 patches and a 12 + foot high stairwell with not a lot of room to maneuver or place a ladder. Also the lighting was minimal at best.

My client wanted to paint over the plaster work, match the existing finish and keep the stars.

The paints had to be color matched, as there was no documented record of what was used.

Existing Finish Before restoration by Ashley Spencer

Front Parlor / Entry wall

Complicated Stairwell repair before restoration by Ashley Spencer

1st part of stairwell over landing

more patchwork in stairwell on

Another part of stairwell at the landing, around a window and pass-through

It took some time and some careful balancing but when it was done, it looked like the original finish.

Patch repair in entry hall completed by Ashley Spencer

Patch repair in entry hall — keeping the original colorwash

Complicated Stairwell Repair completed by Ashley Spencer

Complicated stairwell repair is now restored