Faux Finish Crack Repair

Finishes • Closeup • Repair • Restoration Client requested repair of crack in faux finish that was very noticeable and buckling, probably due to humidity over time.   This is what it looked like from above to show how much it was protruding from the wall. First step was to glue it. Second step was […]

Wallpaper Tear Treatment Repair

Finishes • Closeup My clients had an unusual decorative wall treatment made with torn wallpaper. Usually, I’m in the business of creating wallpaper not being called in for a wallpaper tear treatment repair but I enjoyed the challenge. First I had to figure out what the finish was made with and then how to replicate […]

Complicated Stairwell Repair

Finishes • Repair & Restoration Complicated Stairwell Repair There was a lot of patchwork going on in this repair project — about 22 patches and a 12 + foot high stairwell with not a lot of room to maneuver or place a ladder. Also the lighting was minimal at best. My client wanted to paint […]

Quote and Finish Repair

Repair & Restoration • Finishes • Lettering & Accents Quote and Finish Repair The walls needed plastering due to the house settling and water damage. My job was to paint over the plaster and match the existing finish. None of the paints had been saved or were known. There was also the challenge of matching […]

Wallpaper Repair

Repair & Restoration • Before & After Transformation Murals  Hand Painted Wallpaper Repair Before: Wallpaper is torn and needs repair. These flaws detract from an otherwise beautiful dining room. After: Seamless repair is achieved through handpainting with careful attention to detail and masterful matching of color and pattern. This is the perfect solution for when […]

Floor Design is Showing Wear and Tear

Finishes • Repair & Restoration • Floor Finish: This floor design is showing wear and tear. Floor stains have been matched, repaired and new coats of sealant added and floor restored.   Save Save Save

Hand Painted Pattern Needs Repair

Finishes • Repair & Restoration: This hand painted pattern needs repair.  

Hairline Crack in Faux Marble Needs Repair

Finishes • Repair & Restoration: This hairline crack in faux marble needs repair.   Here’s the restored, painted-to-match version.

Strie’ Treatment Repair & Restoration

An example of a Strie’ Treatment Repair & Restoration and the color that was chosen to best match.  Here is what the room looked like prior to the repair and after construction caused damage to the fireplace wall.  

Decorative Finish Seamlessly Matches

Repair & Restoration & Decorative Finishes: The Decorative Finish Seamlessly Matches the previously painted finish on the far right wall. Click here to see the full repair & restoration project that was restored after water damage.