Wallpaper Tear Treatment Repair

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My clients had an unusual decorative wall treatment made with torn wallpaper.

Closeup Application Before wallpaper tear repair_ashley-spencer.com

Usually, I’m in the business of creating wallpaper not being called in for a wallpaper tear treatment repair but I enjoyed the challenge.

First I had to figure out what the finish was made with and then how to replicate so that there would not be a visible difference between the original and my repair work. None of the original information had been saved because the treatment was existing in the home when my clients moved in. Recent water damage in the corner necessitated the repair.

https://www.ashley-spencer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/CloseupTear on ashley-spencer.com

This is what it looked like after joint compound was added to conceal the crack.

Before Joint fix on ashley-spencer.com

After tearing craft paper to expose the uneven edges and then applying to the wall with wallpaper paste, a colorwash finish was used on top to mimic the existing treatment. Here are the results.

After wallpaper-tear-repair on ashley-spencer.com

Closeup Final wallpaper-tear-repair on ashley-spencer.com

Detail of the torn wallpaper repair and treatment


Final wallpaper-tear-repair on ashley-spencer.com

The final look blends in pretty seamlessly with the rest, giving a faux-stone, rustic, cabin appearance that works with the real flag stone fireplace on the other side of the room.