Whitewashed Kitchen Cabinets

Finishes: Cabinet Finishes • Before & After Transformation • Close up

Whitewashed kitchen cabinets can dramatically change the look of a dark kitchen to a light, welcoming and visually larger space.

Kitchen cabinets_After whitewashing-refrig side by Ashley Spencer


Peale cabinets_After-refig side_NW


Whitewashed kitchen cabinet doors by Ashley Spencer

Whitwashed Cabinet Detail, finishes, close up finishes, Ashley Spencer

Whitwashed Cabinet Detail

Whitewashed Kitchen Cabinets--Before and After, finishes, close up finishes, Ashley Spencer

Before and After Whitewashed Kitchen Cabinet Doors

This is what the kitchen looked like before with dark cabinets.

The colorwash treatment was applied in layers to allow some wood grain to show.

Before whitewashing-sink side

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  1. Joseph Saenz says

    I really like the way you whitewashed the kitchen cabinets am a paint contractor out of Texas going to do some work on some cabinets you way is much better thanks for the wonderful work you do

    • Hello Joseph, I apologize for the late response. I’m just now seeing your comment and wanted you to know that I really appreciate it. Thank you. — Ashley

  2. Hi I love the whitewashed cupboards, I am thinking of doing mine similar. However I am curious to know did u completely strip your cupboards first or simply sand them a bit? What products did you use? Is there a clear coat on top? Thanks

    • Hello Meaghan,

      Thanks for your comment! To answer you questions: I did not strip the cabinet surfaces but did sand heavily. Used several coats diluted paint and glaze to allow existing grain and some natural coloring to show. Yes, there is a clear, water-based protective coating on top. All the best for your project — Ashley