Artistic Self Rating

I never thought of lists and self-rating charts as being artistic but they give you great insight into the creative minds of some artists.

While on vacation last weekend, I will be doing some sketching and reflecting so maybe these artistic charts will provide some inspiration — of course I’m writing this post in advance so we’ll see if ideas actual get enacted.

Adolf Konrad's graphic packing list, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Adolf Konrad's graphic packing list, Dec. 16, 1973. via The Atlantic

Harry-Bertoia_Sefl-rating-graph via The Atlantic, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Harry-Bertoia_Sefl-rating-graph via The Atlantic

Well, some sketching did get enacted and how appropriate that this post with this title would be my 500th. I don’t know but that’s a lot of posts and maybe worthy of retirement soon…

Cabin in the woods 1 sketch by C. Ashley Spencer, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Cabin in the woods 1 sketch by C. Ashley Spencer


Cabin in the woods 2 sketch by C. Ashley Spencer, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Cabin in the woods 2 sketch by C. Ashley Spencer,

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any videos out there of Aaron Neville singing Respect Yourself but you’ll have to just listen here and it might help to Kick Start the Weekend.

A Million Little Pictures

Is an idea that came out of The Sketchbook Project, which has already passed the deadline in which to become involved (November 15th 2010). It’s a program where anyone can sign up to receive a sketchbook, where they sketch daily for a certain time period and then submit their drawings to be a part of a traveling art show. The exhibit starts touring in Brooklyn on February 19 and then continues around the country into the summer. This is a similar idea to Urban Sketchers but it is open to all and features and exhibition more than a community.

The Sketchbook_Project as seen on Art Is Everywhere

A Million Little Pictures is the same premise by the same organizers but instead uses photos from a disposable camera, which is sent upon signing up. Pictures are taken daily and then submitted. Anyone can enter and everyone is guaranteed at least one submission in a traveling photo exhibit. Act fast, as the deadline is March 31st and then the Photomobile exhibition starts traveling in the fall! I’ve added these two links to my blogroll, in case you want to check back on their sites for updates.

A Million Little Pictures as seen on Art Is Everywhere

A few more artistic opportunities, include Brooklyn Art Project is open to all artists of all nationalities to download and color this graphic below (at their link provided). Fold it and take creative pictures with it. Submission deadline is May 5, 2011. The most creative 100 selected by the staff will be published on a website.

Brooklyn-Art-Project, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

Finally, submissions for the Cleveland Arts Prize have already passed in December but stay tuned for their announcement of the four winners, who will be awarded cash prizes of $5,000 each for their submissions in either: literature, visual arts, design, and music and dance. The awards gala is Tuesday, June 28th at The Cleveland Museum of Art.

Cleveland Arts Project as seen on Art is Everywhere

The Public Art Network is also a resourceful place to check for ongoing public art opportunities.

Public-Arts-Network, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

For a little different type of music to Kick-Start you Weekend, here’s some interactive music by Play the Music at the G-Shock event in Madrid in September 2010. If you view all their videos, you’ll see that they are all interactively made with light from a flashlight pointing on selected images to creat the music.

G-Shock_Building Music by Play the Music, as seen on Art Is Everywhere

G-Shock by Play the Music. Links to video