Love Letters in New Orleans

This is a near perfect post in fitting the criteria that Art is Everywhere.

Photographer Ted Jackson found ways to say his ABC’s with alphabetical art. His photographic Love Letters of everyday things in New Orleans are pretty clever, as is even the title. Take the test to see how many you can guess correctly for what each letter represents. Submit with a comment  to post your answers. To see if you’re right, you can click this link to find the answers. Gallery of Love Letter Photos.




Of course “X” rings home but I think the café au lait (“B”) and the “V” may be my favorites, and it’s approaching crawfish season (“Y” — not crayfish, btw. These guys come from the South, not the North, so should be pronounced correctly). Love crawfish, now I’m getting homesick….and giving some answers away.

A fun little ditty, New Orleans Ladies that I always had mixed feeling about really but like it here paired with pictures of New Orleans, some recognizable tourists attractions and others not.

On a little (but big) side note, Peter and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary this weekend. 22 years doesn’t seem all that long to us really but when I just heard from some good friends that they just celebrated their 12th, that means we’ve been married 10 years more. Wow! Time really does goes by fast when you’re with the one you love…

3 in 1

This is a similar entitled post to the one I wrote today, In Between, for my other blog Slipcovers for Your Walls, but with a different take. Three in one can mean several things for the purpose of this post: 1) three sequential holidays, Valentine’s, Presidents Day and Fat Tuesday, celebrated in the one in between with this post today; 2) and with a Mardi Gras celebration, the Saints winning the Superbowl and what positive things that means for New Orleans; and finally, 3) a triple snow storm punch leading to the largest snowfall on record — more due today. That’s a lot of things to recognize at once.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day. Happy Presidents Day today and Happy Fat Tuesday tomorrow! Mt. Rushmore is a pretty remarkable piece of art isn’t it?

Mt. Rushmore. Photo © by Dean Franklin via Rim of the World blog

You know, I discovered that it is hard to sculpt snow with my latest attempt at a butterfly, especially when the snow has turned to ice. I can only image how incredibly hard it must be to sculpt a rocky mountain — an amazing feat.


I thought the snow looked interesting in this next photo due to the heat coming from our skylights and creating snow-wells. They reminded me of moguls on ski slopes. I must have the Winter Olympics on my mind. I like them so much better than the summer games.


By the way, I’ve activated a LinkWithin plugin below each post; however, all visuals go to my other casartblog, Slipcovers for your Walls, in case you’re wondering why they may not look familiar.