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Lettering & Accents Trompe l’Oeil New Orleans Menu Click here to view the complete Faux House Project.

Handpainted French Quote

Before & After Transformations • Lettering & Accents: Hand painted French Quote Before: A beautifully styled Swedish garden room… After: Now has even more luster with a handpainted quote in gold, outlined in bronze. The quote compliments the colors of this garden room by being perfectly suited to the subtle hues and luminescent nature of […]

Turret Ribbons Add Visual Interest to a Challenging Space

Handpainted Turret Ribbons Before: Solid color with no added interest. The turret provided a decorating challenge. After: Handpainted ribbons flow from top of turret down to walls to coordinate with curtain fabric, wall color, decor and add visual interest for this unusual space.  

French Provençal Wine & Cheese Mural Elements Add Flair

Murals: Before & After Transformation • Close Up French Provençal Wine & Cheese Mural Elements Add Flair Before: Plain walls with little panache. After: French Country mural elements, strategically handpainted over a backsplash of faux tiles with colorwashed walls to reflect client’s love of France, French food and Provençal living. Makes one want to linger […]

A “Flower Power” Custom Stamp

A “Flower Power” Custom Stamp was made to add decorative accents to match the towels in a bathroom and in a separate project for this little’s girl room below.    

Close up Custom Flower Stamp for Flowered Wall Pattern

Close up Custom Stamp for Flowered Wall Pattern Click here to see another project using a custom flower stamp.

Handpainted Leaf Pattern

Lettering & Accents: Handpainted Leaf Pattern   This pattern also can be printed on as a border or for stair risers on Casart removable and reusable wallcovering.

New Orleans Lettering over Pearlized Finish

Lettering & Accents: New Orleans Lettering over Pearlized Finish This space was inspired by the couple’s favorite city (one of mine as well). The lettering was hand painted over a pearlized, brushed-on decorative finish. The vertical nature of the finish adds visual height to the powder room.

Carpe Diem Hand Lettering

Design Showhouses: Carpe Diem Hand Lettering Click here to view the entire Alexandria Home & Garden tour project.  

Viva Bene Lettering

FInishes: Design Showhouses • Viva Bene Lettering Click here to view the Alexandria Home & Garden Tour project.