Belle Haven Home & Garden Tour

Belle Haven Home and Garden Tour 2004, Alexandria, Virgina Includes: Wavy Foyer Stripes, Faux Padded Harlequin, Faux Linen decorative finishes and a handpainted Garden Gate Design Before:  A lost entry… After:  Gains presence with curvy, pearled metallic stripes with copper edges. The pearled glaze emboldens the space with a shimmering glow and welcomes any visitor […]

Faux House – Trompe l’Oeil Details

The House That Faux Built, 2006, Arlington, Virginia. The project was an artistic, fundraising effort for New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.   Other news coverage includes: The project was covered on HouseSmarts TV, episode #41. Aired Fall, 2007.  Michael Ayala interviews me and Adrienne vanDooren about the Faux House. Coverage on Channel 9 news (WUSA). […]

Alexandria Garden & Home Tours

Alexandria Garden & Home Tour — April 22, 2006, Old Town, Virginia Includes: Faux Flagstone, Aged Studio Door, Carpe Diem Quote, Vive Bene Quote and Hand Lettering, Faux Gilded Candlesticks, Trumeau Mirror – Mini Mural   Alexandria Garden & Home Tour, April 2005, Old Town, Virginia Includes: Custom Painted Console Table Click this link to […]

Salle de Bain Lettering

Lettering & Accents: Salle de Bain Lettering was handpainted to accentuate the French theme in this client’s bathroom.

Country Air Nursery Mural

Murals: Country Air Nursery Mural A country-air nursery mural was painted for this client to bring Nature indoors for their little one.  

Palladian Villa Mural

Murals: A hand-painted Palladian Villa Mural extends the perspective of the room and gives a special trip reflection with more than just a photo. Some of the types of marbling detail used in this mural.

Palladian Villa Mural Detail

Murals: Close Up Detail Click here to see the full room view of this Palladian Villa painted Mural.


Murals are the ultimate in personalized wall or canvas artwork–begin with quality drawing and are the perfect way to commemorate a celebratory event, e.g. anniversary or new baby–all requiring fine, hand-painted execution. [mb_recent_works post_type=”post” category_id=”19,20,21,22,23,24,25″][/mb_recent_works]