Jefferson Houston School Mural

The Jefferson Houston School Mural is a 50′ long exterior, 14 (4′ x 8′) MDO panel piece. Commissioned in January 2007 by Alexandria City Public Schools to help encourage the kindergarten – 5th grade school children to learn some of their SOL subjects through exposure to art. The mural can be viewed on the playground. Planting boxes that contain the flowers in the mural are planted in front. The mural was completed in July 2007 and was installed in November 2007.

Click here to read the Alexandria Times article about the Jefferson Houston Mural Dedication.


Jefferson Houston School Mural Installed, murals, Public Art, Ashley Spencer

14 Panel Mural comprised of seasonal Inspired images based on school children’s suggestions.


Jefferson Houston School Mural Dedication, murals, Public Art, Ashley Spencer

Jefferson Houston principal gives the dedication as the school children present their award to the those involved: artist, father of interns, and paint store donor

 We were looking forward to Spring with these next mural panels.

Sunflower detail Jefferson Houston Mural painted by Ashley Spencer

Sunflower detail

Click the image below to view the individual panels for this series and close up details.

Stage 1--Jefferson Houston School Mural, murals, Public Art, Ashley Spencer

Detail – winter panel 1 in the Jefferson Houston School Mural