June for All Seasons

“June for All Seasons” is the title of an art exhibit at Artist’s Undertaking in Occoquan, VA.

When I saw Steve Myles’ painting, Carolina Sea Oats of the beach dunes in the newspaper, I was immediately drawn in by his realistic style and ability to really capture truly serene settings in Nature. His paintings give me that quite contemplation one has when they ponder their existence and reflect on what is important. I really like his work and hope to see it in person before June is over.

Steve Myles_Carolina Sea Oats on Art Is Everywhere

Steve Myles_ Bull Run Afternoon on Art Is Everywhere

Steve Myles_Sweetgum Sunlight on Art Is Everywhere

Steve Myles_Winter Sunset on Art Is Everywhere

If you like these, shoot on over to Slipcovers for your Walls, where we’re holding Casart coverings’ first ever contest. You can win a painted Casart Mural wallcovering from our newly launched Katherine Collection. Now, we just brought it back to Mural Mondays.


Casart coverings Katherine Collection - Quickie on the Beach

Casart coverings Katherine Collection - Quickie on the Beach

This one, Quickie on the Beach was painted by my Aunt Katherine Jackson. Yes, that is the actual title, but I’m sure my Aunt was only thinking of painting the scene quickly on the beach….:) Click the link to learn more about her and her prolific work.

Aunt-Katherine_photos on Art Is Everywhere

Aunt Katherine montage - the funny and eccentric painter and person she was

Here’s are previous posts referring her remembrance and at the time of her passing.

I just learned about a new band, Junior Boys, that although is electric pop, reminds me a bit of Radiohead and I just learned that Lloyd Cole is coming to the Birchmere, but unfortunately he’s solo without the Commotions these days to sing Perfect Skin.

This Kick Starting the Weekend video set to Junior Boys’s Parallel Lines is mesmerizing. I think my son Jackson would like it:

Now, I like this other song, In the Early Morning, better, but the video gives me the heebie jeebies for too many reasons.

Artistic Abundance

My Aunt Katherine was a prolific artist. I just didn’t realize how much until we arrived at the house to sort through her artwork. I was amazed at the amount and her range. She went from a more realistic style to more abstract with bold color in her later work. It was fascinating to witness her creative process through her artwork. She collected tons of visual and other reference materials and took notes on her artwork. She may not have been the best but she was a serious artist — always striving to capture the essence of her subjects in her paintings. This was more of an emotional time than I had predicted. We had to leave most of her artwork in hopes of me returning to catalog it all with descriptions and photos before it goes to auction along with the family homestead. Very sad but it’s time to let all that accumulation of stuff go.

Aunt Katherines studio. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

Going through artwork in Aunt Katherines Studio. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

Aunt Katherines Studio. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer

This is a remarkable likeness of her that one of her artists friends painted. We had it at her Memorial Service as a tribute.

Aunt Katherine Portrait. Photo by C. Ashley Spencer